Horringer Court is the only estate in Bury St Edmunds without a community centre. We want to fix this but it is a challenge - we're not a former council estate which receives lots of retrospective investment and we're not a new estate, like Moreton Hall, where developers continue to make contributions alongside its expansion. Therefore, it falls to community groups - the Church, the Residents Association, and the School to drive the HCCH project forward.

At the moment the need for a community building is clear:

The Church has a rapidly expanding congregation and needs a proper home and more space.

The School is also in need of more space and the large hall that forms part of the design concept would help address that.

Last but by no means least - our community has nowhere to meet and call its own. Elsewhere in Bury St Edmunds, mother and toddler groups, exercise classes, craft clubs, pensioners lunches, and so much more take place in community buildings. It's a huge imbalance and something we're desperate to see addressed for the good of everyone in our community. If you feel the same way, please do get in contact and become involved in driving the HCCH forward.