The Horringer Court Community Hub facilities will be a flexible, multi-use space to satisfy the diverse needs of the Horringer Court community.

In order to make the facilities a reality, a fundraising committee needs to be formed with members of the community to generate the necessary funds. If you are interested in joining the committee or helping with the fundraising, please contact us.

The Horringer Court community has long recognised the need for a comfortable, spacious hub where people could meet and be refreshed or informed, entertained or perform. A place where the quality of life of the entire community could be improved. The community has also recognised the need for a venue where it can come together to decide its own future.

The building will be sufficiently spacious to support parallel activities ensuring that it is a bustling hub at the heart of the community.

The picture below is a concept drawing showing the possible outline of a building and associated parking spaces in its context within the grounds of the school.

Proposed optional building outline

The hub will be most easily accessible on foot but there will be significant car-parking facilities. The picture below is a concept drawing which shows a possible layout for the inside of the building.

Proposed internal layout of the building

The Studio allows dance and performance activities during the day while the Multi-purpose Hall accomodates people meeting to relax and enjoy each others company while talking, learning, shopping or being cared for. The purposes to which the two major spaces can be put might completely change come the evening.